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English Major

Enhance your critical and analytical skills in thinking, reading, and writing — all crucial to numerous disciplines and professions — while further satiating your desire to explore the best of Western literary tradition, engage in tantalizing conversations, craft creative stories, and improve your professional writing.

You are invited to select an area of English emphasis. 

Literary Studies

Within our literary studies track you'll gain a thorough knowledge of American and British literature, in addition to non-Western writings, creative writing, and literary criticism. Studies in these areas help you develop your powers of expression and explore the behavior, ideas, and values of others.


Gain experiential knowledge and analysis of a diverse range of writing techniques, including expository, creative, technical, and scientific.

Immersive academic and travel experiences

Our experienced faculty structure courses that include off-campus performances, visits to historic sites, and regular overseas travel experiences. In addition, guests such as singer/songwriters, authors, and literary scholars are invited to campus.

Our students learn in the classroom and abroad, as several of our humanities majors encourage study abroad opportunities. The English department historically sponsors opportunities for students to travel alongside faculty to the United Kingdom.

You may also find yourself serving as a writing tutor, assisting in WLC’s Student Success Center. Recent English majors have served as editor-in-chief of WLC’s student newspaper, TheSword, and as the class speaker at Commencement.

Receive a robust liberal arts education

Our humanities majors are designed to engage you in exploring who we are and what our lives should mean. You’ll receive a well-rounded education rooted in the liberal arts and take advantage of robust internship and study abroad opportunities that make you adaptable and marketable in ever-changing job markets.

Our small class sizes mean that our faculty are invested in every student’s success, and you won’t have a class taught by a teaching assistant. You will develop close, personal relationships with your classmates and faculty who want you to succeed academically as well as grow spiritually in a nurturing environment.

Tailor your education to meet your career aspirations

While English is an excellent stand-alone major, our faculty members encourage you to consider combining English with additional programs of study. The English major is designed to allow you to pursue an additional major or minor while graduating within four years.

For example, students interested in a law degree may study English and politics and law. Those desiring a career in marketing would benefit from majors in English and marketing. A major or minor in English would benefit nearly every student by allowing you to acquire highly marketable knowledge and skills.

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